Great Day

Twenty-nine of my forty-two years of teaching were in my neighborhood public school.
The faculty and staff were more like family, than just friends.
Most of us are the original teachers who opened the school
Every month, the Silver Foxes meet for lunch.

Out of this large group of retirees, there are three special buddies with whom I meet regularly.
We go on birding excursions, weekly walks (in cool weather months), have Craft Project Days, participate in city events, and volunteer at schools.
Over the summer, the four of us went in different directions, due to Grammy Duty, vacations, etc.
Today was the first time, since June, that I was able to meet with these three fun and crazy ladies.
Marti is the event planner for our group, and she handed us an itinerary for September and October.
Lots of fun ahead.

After a great lunch of catching up and planning ahead, I went shopping for my granddaughter.
We have scheduled a Mom, Morgan, and Grammy Craft Day for this Monday.
She has shown such an interest in sewing, and she and I have had craft days in the past.
This is the first time we are including her mom.

In June, I was amazed at the way my granddaughter quilted a pillow for her dad.
She managed the foot pedal and guiding the fabric all on her own.
I think it is about time I start a sewing basket for her.
Last year, I purchased Stitching Handbook for Kids.
I hadn’t given it to her because I wasn’t sure she was ready.

This book starts on a basic level that I think she can handle.
I like the way the skills are scaffold. She can develop her skills as she grows.

There are a few basic products from which she can choose to do on Monday.
The basic cross stitching kitchen towel project is something we can start and she can continue to work on her own later.
I also purchased some book mark cross stitching fabric. I will design some simple cross stitching patterns for her.

Starter Sewing Basket

She loves sorting and working with the button jars I have, so I filled some containers with buttons of her own.
I am so looking forward to Monday.

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