Finishing Touches

My plan to go wandering around fabric shops went by the way side due to the high water crossing flood alerts that we experienced for most of today.
I was in search of the recommended Black Gold Needles and Thread Heaven.

Allison, of New Every Morning Patchwork & Quilting, suggested these products she uses for hand stitching.
I appreciated the information; and I was encouraged by her suggestion to, “Relax and enjoy hand stitching ☺.”
Enjoy is the key word here.

I think I was stalling on making the quilt sleeve, and the binding, because I am not too happy with my hand stitching.
After watching a few videos, and armed with a new attitude, I finished adding the sleeve and the binding on a quilt that is not an entry to the quilt show. The results were a bit better.

Since I couldn’t go shopping, I ordered the products off Amazon.
Then, I got to work.

I used a remaining strip of green wildflower fabric to make the sleeve.
The green is used throughout the front of the quilt, but, now, I am wondering if it is “too green” for the sleeve. I have not attached the bottom of the sleeve so that I can think this over a bit.

The back is pieced with three different fabrics: a multi-colored floral, bluebonnets on white, and bluebonnets on blue.

Another question I have is about the label.
I read the show entry rules, consulted with my friend, and viewed videos, concerning quilt labels.
This is my first quilt show, and there is so much I do not know about how to prepare the quilt.
I was told that a quilt label is needed, but that it is covered up during the show.
Do I make just a square?

Or do I make a Texas applique out of this green label.
There is enough fabric.

Sample Blue Texas Applique

It would look like this, only green.

I’m very happy we finally had rain.
We had more rain today than we had all of July.
It was about 4″-5″ throughout the county.
It took a rainstorm to get me moving on these finishing touches for the quilt.

9 thoughts on “Finishing Touches

  1. Thank you for the mention 🙂 Looking forward to seeing a photo of your quilt hanging in the show.

    1. I received the needles and Thread Heaven from Amazon today. What a difference! The needles go through the thick binding and the applique areas so much easier. I thought all needles were sharp…”the duh is silent, here!” And, the thread is not bunching up on me. Thanks again for your helpful hints.

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