Lollygagging vs. Dilly Dallying

So far, this whole week and week-end have been days of dilly dallying.
I should be making a hanging sleeve for the Wild About Texas quilt, but since I have never done one, I just keep finding other things to do.
The hanging-sleeve process looks simple enough, but I’m still putting it on the bottom of my list.
Instead, today I decided to remove the button from the purse I made for my granddaughter.
I replaced it with an applique I made from one of the dog circles on the fabric.
Yesterday                                                   Today  
Then I fooled around with making two dog magnets.
Now what?

10 thoughts on “Lollygagging vs. Dilly Dallying

  1. It’s funny – I am the same way – when I am unfamiliar with a task or insecure about it – even if it is just a fun creative thing – I will put it off as well. I don’t know why – it always ends up fine. I think I would always just rather watch TV or something else I know I can’t do wrong. But I think THAT’s the thing that makes creative people special – we persist even if it isn’t easy. I think it’s very similar to being an athlete – you have to be able to push yourself. – Super cute purse and magnets!

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