Thank you for the words of wisdom, Winnie the Pooh.
Something has to be done about my sewing rooms before I start working on completing the Brackenridge Park Quilt.
I cleared off the table, and put all the sewing notions back in the appropriate places in my sewing room.
But my stash bins in the middle room are Out. Of. Control.
The whole middle room needs revamping.
I still have shelves of teacher stuff that I should have disposed of already.

After piecing the top of the Live Colorfully quilt, I realized that it is time to “let go” of most of this stash.
I have used these remnants and minute pieces to make quilts, totes, mug rugs…and there is not much more I can make without getting caught in major repetition.
One of my boxes has wonky blocks I made from these same scraps.
They are bright and bold, but I just don’t see making another quilt with the same fabric.

I think I will just keep these stored away and maybe I will be inspired to use them in the future.

As for the stash, my goal is to set aside some time to go through each bin and see exactly what I have.
I love the organization idea posted on Quilting Gail.
She keeps a tally of fabric using these categories: used by week, used by year to date, added this week, and net fabric.
She also keeps a UFO tally.
My plan is to weed and sort my stash, yet again.
This time, I will do it with more resolve.
I ran across this blog, Fabric Therapy, where there is a page dedicated to organization.
The blogger, Teresa Rawson, states that organization is personal, which is so true.
Then refers to a book by Julie Morgenstein, Organizing From the Inside Out.
Morgenstein lists five steps in the organizing process that make sense.

The steps are:

  • Sort
  • Purge
  • Assign a home
  • Containerize
  • Equalize

Under containerize, it is pointed out that this should not be done prematurely. The other steps should go first, in order to know what you have.  My mistake was just putting everything in containers according to color, instead of sorting more thoroughly and purging fabrics that have been used repeatedly.


I also thought it would helpful if I kept a record of the quilts I make all in one place.
Right now, I have photos of them in different journals.
My aunts kept photo journals of all of their crafts.
I will continue with the  paper/pencil journals and sketchbooks.
I just thought I would add a page to this blog and list my quilts, as I have seen other people do on their blogs.

Today has been more of a “planning how to organize” day.
Tomorrow will be a birthday celebration.
Then I must finish the Brackenridge Park Quilt.
However, after that is done, no NEW projects until I am organized.
This might be wishful thinking, more than a real plan…


This was definitely a Sunday well spent.
Each Sunday, we choose one of our favorite restaurants and enjoy breakfast.
This is usually followed by a walk.

What made this day extra special is that I ran into some special people from the past.
At one store, I met up with a parents of one of my former students.
I taught their son way back in the ’90’s.
It was great to hear that he is doing well.

Then, I went to another store.
Here is where I met a former student.
I had taught her when she was in fourth grade.
I taught her cousin.
It doesn’t stop here.
I also taught her son and daughter when they were each in first grade.
The son is now 12, and the daughter is 10.
We had a great conversation, sharing memories and catching up with time.

When I got home, I went to start on the 9-Patch Chain quilt, but got distracted with another project.
I made two quick postcards.

This time, I printed the back side using the Word template for postcards.
I haven’t decided if I like handwriting or printing the message and information on the postcard.
The handwritten one seems to be more personal; and the printed one looks neater.

I went scavenging through my stash to start working on the keyboard panel for the quilt border.
I found a keyboard strip I had previously made for another quilt and I placed it against the quilt top.
The keyboard seemed to take away from the pattern of the 9-Patch Chain, and I wasn’t particularly fond of how it looked.

Yesterday, I had looked for some teal fabric that I had used for a thin border on a very large quilt I had made. Luckily, I didn’t find it until today.
I figured out I had just enough to make a 6 inch border with the teal fabric.

At first, It thought the teal border made a nice frame.
Now that I have it hanging, I don’t know if I like it.
What I do like about this quilt, is the fact that it is made from scraps and remnants.
Tomorrow, I will think about piecing the back for the quilt.
In the meantime, I will leave the quilt hanging to see if the border grows on me.

There is one more birthday to celebrate this week.
We will be celebrating my youngest son’s birthday on Tuesday.
My plan is to begin to applique the photos on the Brackenridge Park Quilt on Wednesday.

After a well spent Sunday like today, this week should be one of content.

Live Colorfully

This simple 9-patch quilt has been so much fun.
I can’t help but smile when I look at all those colors.
Each block reminds me of  a quilt or product that I made with these fabric pieces.
There are still quite a few 2.5 ” blocks remaining.
It’s time to donate these and other pieces in my stash.
Maybe my buddies would like to have a remnant swap.

The teal border I was thinking of using was nowhere to be found.
I did, however, find the yellow border strips that I had made for the QOV. (Another WIP)
Once I added the yellow border, the quilt looked even more cheerful and charming.

Now, I am trying to decide what to do about the second border.
I am planning a keyboard pattern of the different fabrics, but I cannot decide if the border should be made with  2″ X 6″ strips or with 6 inch squares.
These are four blocks I have left over that I was planning on using as the top corners:

There is enough pink and white polka dot fabric in my stash that could also be used as a border.
But, I don’t know how a bright pink would look.
I welcome any suggestions or ideas for a second border.


When my friends and I last met to work on the Brackenridge River Quilt, we had finished preparing the photo appliques. We were supposed to meet today, but plans were changed.
It seems we are all going in different directions for the next two months.
I was going to be the one to applique the photos, so I picked up the quilt today in order to finish the top.
My friend lives near the Mesquite Bean, and I stopped by just to see what is new.
Big mistake.
I have two designs in my quilt design sketch book.
One is a dinosaur quilt.
The other is an All You Need is Love Quilt.
I found great fabric at the Mesquite Bean that would be perfect for these two designs.
I did some major talking to myself, and decided it would be best to shelve these designs for now.
It was difficult, but I walked out of the store without fabric.

When I got home, I knew I had made the right decision.
This is what I saw when I took the river quilt to my sewing table.

Question: Do I scoop up these 2.5 inch squares and throw them in the UFO bin?
Or do I finish piecing the top for the 9-square patch quilt and then throw that into the WIP bin?

I knew if I placed those 2.5 inch squares in the UFO bin this quilt would never be finished.
I have grown fond of this design, so I decided to work on completing the top.
It really won’t take too much time.
I feel better about finishing the top and placing this in the WIP bin.

I set the blocks up into 4 columns.

Then I tried laying the blocks out into 3 columns.

I made some more blocks and decided that I prefer 4 columns.
Tomorrow, I will work on finishing the blocks.
I might have 5 rows of 4 or 4 rows of 4.

There will be time to work on the river quilt this weekend.
Problem solved…for now.

July Celebrations

July is one big month of celebrations.
It starts with the 4th of July hoopla.
Then, today, I celebrated the birthday of my twin sons.
Tomorrow will be Ringo Starr’s birthday.
Ringo asks for people to post #PeaceandLove at noon in order to send a wave of positivity across the world.
In preparation for doing my part in spreading the wave of positivity tomorrow, I made a Peace and Love tote bag.
Last summer, my granddaughter chose this colorful peace sign fabric.
At that time, I was practicing piecing different types of 12 inch blocks.
I remembered that I had two of these blocks in my quilt block box.

My remnant box had black and white polka dot fabric that I used to add around the quilt block.

I also found some pink and white polka dot that I used for the lining.

I appliqued a heart to one side of the tote bag.

Don’t forget to post #PeaceandLove tomorrow at noon.

Scrappy Quilt

In one of my past moments of trying to get organized, I had cut remnants into 2.5 inch strips and squares.
Yesterday, I happened to be rummaging through my stash boxes, and I found a bag of the 2.5 inch squares.
Instead of following through with the project on which I was working, I started a new project.
I found enough white fabric leftover from the Transformer quilt I made, and I cut that up into 40 of the 6.5 inch blocks.
Then, I made a 9-Patch with the 2.5 inch squares.

I decided to put these together to make a 9-Patch chain quilt.
At first, I thought there was too much white.
But then, I realized that the white just makes those 2.5 inch squares of color pop out.

There are 200 of the colored 2.5 inch squares, and 160 of the white 2.5 inch squares.

This is my make-shift designer wall.
It is the flannel back of a plastic table-cloth that I purchased at the Dollar Store.
Right now, it is folded in half.

I have some teal fabric that I used for a one inch border on another quilt.
There might be enough to use on this 9-Patch Chain quilt.
Then, I think I might make a border of 6.5 inch blocks from my stash.

Just what I needed…another project.


The greatest gift of life is friendship, and I have received it.
Hubert H. Humphrey

Fifty-eight years ago, I was fortunate to make the acquaintance of a very special person.
This friendship has seen us  through many years, and I value Nancy as a gift in my life.
Among her numerous qualities and traits, Nancy is super creative and artistic.
Check out her etsy account, ReynoldsCreativeWorks.

She is so very thoughtful and generous.
I had told Nancy that I will be going to Tulum, Mexico with my granddaughter, son,
and daughter-in-law. Today, in the mail, I received this homemade gift from Nancy.

Nancy knows that my granddaughter and I like to journal.
So, she made us these cute journals for our trip.
The starfish is embellished with the beads and sequins I had given Nancy.
They are from my mother’s stash of beads and sequins.
Such a thoughtful gift!
The starfish earrings are for me…and I am wearing them already!
Thank you, Nancy!

Happy Book Day!

Today is the launch date for What This Story Needs is a Vroom and a Zoom,
by  author and illustrator Emma Virjan.
You can order the books at Barnes and Noble, Harper Collins, BookPeople, and Amazon.
If you are in the Austin area on July 11th, stop by BookPeople at 10:30 am.
Emma will be having a storytime.
It will be fun for everyone.