Travel Preparation

My work table has become my packing table.

I guess I do not need two hats.

What started out as minimal, has now grown to almost impossible.
The plan is to just have a carry-on and a backpack.
I will have to reassess!

I am prepared to do some serious bird watching while we are on our excursions.
These pamphlets arrived just in time.
My granddaughter and I have some exciting studying to do this weekend before we go.

Out of curiosity, I did an online search for fabrics in Tulum.
I found a very interesting place;however, I do not know if it is something I can impose on the other three travel mates.

Textiles Mayas Chiapas
Some of the goodies in the shop.

I better get back to my packing.
Maybe I should take an empty suitcase to fill up with goodies. 

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