Two Broken Resolutions

On Monday, I made two resolutions.
1. No more projects or purchasing of fabric until I clean up my stash.
2. No more sweets until after my trip to Mexico.

On Tuesday, I failed to meet both resolutions on one day.

Yesterday, we went to Austin to celebrate my youngest’s son birthday. After a great lunch and visit, we started our return to San Antonio.
Even though my other son was not home in Buda, my car just automatically” took the exit into Buda, and I just found “ myself at the B&B Quilting Shop.

My intent was just to “look”.
Of course, I found some fabric that would be great for a future project.
I was going to walk away, but my husband said, “We’re already here. Get it. They might not have it when you get to the project.”
What a wise man!

So, even though I said I would not start a new project or buy more fabric until I organize my stash, I came out of this store with a little white bag with three different fabrics. Again, I bought fabric with no real plan in mind, just an idea. But it is such pretty fabric.

I will stick to part of my resolution by not STARTING on this project until the stash is organized.

Now, for my second resolution.
Another fail.
You can’t go through Buda, Texas without stopping at the Buda Soda Fountain.
Yummy Ice Cream. Delicious Pie. Tasty coffee.

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