Sapphire Throne

Oh, the summer night, Has a smile of light, And she sits on a sapphire throne.
Bryan Procter

As children, the neighborhood friends and my cousins (who lived next door)
spent the summer outside…all day.
We’d bolt out the door after breakfast, and explore and enjoy the hot Texas days.
Trees were our friends; as were water hoses, water guns, and tin wash tubs.
We would return to our respective homes for supper; then head out the door to catch the sunset.
Nights were cooler outside, since we had no air conditioners.
Our parents would sit on the porches and watch us exhaust every last bit of energy we still had within us.

How I loved to sit on our brick porch column and look at the summer night sky.

Thinking of these summer nights made we want to read some poems about summer, stars, and evenings.
I pulled out some old poetry and reference books and ran across this poem quote by Bryan Procter.
The next thing I knew, I had an idea for a Summer Night quilt.

Pattern Jam offers a free design tool. I spent a few minutes on this design board and came up with this Sapphire Throne quilt design.  The design tool gives you the option to upload your own stash or choose from a line of their fabrics. Since this is just an idea, and a Project In Waiting, I used Pattern Jam fabrics. I have used this design tool before, but I have never purchased fabric from Pattern Jam.
I chose to use the Sawtooth Star block and a simple 4 Patch.

This quilt is now on my ever growing list of PIW.

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