Brackenridge Park Quilt Day 3

I am so happy to report that my friends and I finished piecing the top of the Brackenridge Quilt.
We worked from 9:30-4:30, taking an hour break for lunch.
After a first few minutes of too many cooks in the kitchen, we got the team work rolling.
Next week, we will meet to choose the photos of the park that we plan to use on the quilt.
We are still looking and thinking of ways to applique the photos.
I love “working” with these three ladies!

Sunday Morning Walk

This world is but a canvas to our imagination.
Henry David Thoreau

These words came to mind as I spent my morning walking at the San Antonio Botanical Gardens.

I was surrounded by color, design, texture, and sound.
Great way to spend a Sunday morning.
Thought I would share my morning.

Quilted Tote

Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes.
Art is knowing which ones to keep.
Scott Adams

This morning has been an off morning for me.
I thought sewing would get me back on track.

I have made quite a few totes, so I thought I would use some of the last remnants
from my dad’s shirts to make a tote.
There was not enough shirt fabric to make a lining, so I found a blue fabric in my stash.
I was able to piece a front and back, making blocks with and without the shirt pockets.

My first mistake was in placing the pocket squares too close to the top.
I did not leave enough of a margin, so the seam is too close to the pocket.
The pockets are still functional, but it would look better if there were more of a margin.

Then, I was off in matching the seams when I sewed the lining to the tote shell.
To add to the lists of mistakes, I did not catch all of the fabric when sewing the side seams.
I ripped and redid.
I also did some creative patching…not pretty, but it works.

I had planned to gift this tote, but I think I will keep this one.
This is the last of the shirt fabric.
I was able to make a quilt, a small tote, and this large tote out of my dad’s plaid shirts.

This project did get me back on track for the day.
I’ll just look at my mistakes as opportunities to problem solve and improve.

The top row has three functional shirt pockets.
The second row has one functional shirt pocket in the center.

There is one functional shirt pocket on the right side on the back of the tote.

One large shirt pocket was used to make an inside pocket.

Transformer Quilt

In March, I downloaded a pixel Autobot photo to make a Transformer quilt for a special young man.
It was easy to transfer this pixel photo to a 2.5 inch square and strip pattern.
The fabric was purchased in Georgetown, Texas, at the Poppy Quilt ‘N Sew.
I was able to piece the quilt top in two days.
My friend, Jeana, used the Broken Glass pattern for quilting on the longarm.
Today, I finished binding the quilt.
I cannot wait to surprise him with his quilt.


I also made an Autobot pillowcase.
The Autobot fabric was purchased from Spoonflower.


Brackenridge Park Quilt Project:Day 2

Today was the second time the Brack Pack met to work on the Brackenridge Park Quilt Project.
I worked with these ladies at Fox Run Elementary.
They were great to work with in a school setting, and they are great to work with on a quilt project.
In fact, they are just a fun group of friends.
Our goals for today were :

  • Study the overview
  • Cut Strips
  • Eat lunch
  • Sub-cut Strips
  • Have Fun


Quilt Tote Bag

The last time I saw my brother, he said he would like a market bag.
I had every intention of making a market bag for my brother out of the remnants from my dad’s shirts.
I cut the remaining pieces in 6.5 inch squares.
Some of these squares had the pocket included.
After I laid out the squares, I got another idea.
With one 9 patch, I made a quilt tote for the quilt I made from the shirts.
I used some canvas remnants for the backing.

The other nine patch will be used for a regular pillow.
I’ll make my brother a market bag some day soon.