Memorial Day

“These sons and daughters, these brothers and sisters who lay down their lives for us – they belong to us all. They’re our children, too. We benefit from their light, their positive influence on the world. “
Barack Obama

A rainy morning caused us to have a change of plans for this Memorial Day.
It has still been a great day.
I started the day reflecting and sending a prayer and a thank you to all who have lost their lives in the service to our country.

When I was teaching, my students and I would spend the week before Memorial Day reading and talking about people who  served in the military. The students would talk to their families about friends and family members who had died while serving our country. My school had quite a few military families.
We wrote poems and letters, and drew pictures. We often times had guests come speak to the class.
The students loved to march into the room in the morning  to the uplifting beat of
John Phillip Sousa marching music.

So, this morning, I played some Sousa music and started assembling the QOV.
I have a bit of directional confusion, so even though I checked and double-checked before I sewed, I still had to rip and redo. However, I was  happy with the results.
My daughter-in-law helped me choose the main fabric for the stars.
The next step is the borders…and I am not sure what to do.
I want to make it longer than it is wide, and I am finding that a bit challenging.
It is a 48″ x 48″ block.
I have plenty of fabric for keyboarding strips and sash.
Any ideas are welcomed.

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