In the past, when I have made quilts made of rows of strips or squares, I numbered each row with a round sticker that I had labeled with a marker.
The stickers fell off.
Then, I found it much easier to cut and piece a section of rows as I went along.
This worked for me, as I worked on the quilt myself.
I do not think this would work with a group of four.
My friends and I will be working together to make the river quilt, and we need a plan for organizing the quilt rows.
The order of the strips is important to the design of the quilt.

We have 14 different fabrics.
Four of these fabrics are different blue batiks.
Ten are different greens and browns.
There are 2.5 inch strips and 3.5 inch strips.
They come in small, medium, and long sizes.
I used the pattern directions to make an easier-to -follow chart of the small, medium, and long strips.
I will color code these with the number of the fabric color.
The organizational problem is in numbering the rows.
We will be cutting and arranging the rows in one quilting day session.
Then we will store the strips until the next session.
How do we keep these organized?

I found numbered pins, but do not want to pay $30 if there is a cheaper and easier way.

I guess I could number some of the flat pins that I have already, but I was wondering if anyone had a better method
for organizing the rows.
Does anyone have any suggestions?
Thank you!

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