Travel Tote

My friend, Nancy, responded to my request for ideas for the quilt I am making out of my dad’s shirts.
She suggested making something other than a quilt, such as table runners or mats.
The pockets could hold the utensils.
Nancy is a great resource for ideas.
This got me thinking…
I have extra pockets from the shirts that I cut.
I decided to make a travel tote.
This tote is small enough and just right for essentials.
The end measurements are 8″ X 8″.
I used two of the pockets from one of my dad’s shirts.
There is one pocket on each side of the tote.
Inside, I made a small pocket out of the sleeves.
I used the remaining fabric from the shirt pocket panels to make the lining.
In my stash, I found some black linen from a messenger bag that I had made for my sister.
This traveling tote is perfect for my walks, and for a plane trip I am planning in May.

This is the tag from the cleaners where my dad had his shirts pressed!
This is the inside pocket I made from the sleeve.

Front and Back…Shirt Pockets will be functional

The shirt pockets had the original buttons.
I used the other buttons to decorate the top.

When I shared the photos of the quilt top and this purse with my sister,
she said that all that was missing was dad’s can of beer.
I think I will have a brew in his honor.


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