Memory Quilt

The memory quilt I started making out of my dad’s shirts has been quite a challenge.
The mixed polyester and cotton fabric is very stretchy, which makes it difficult to cut accurately.
Since I have a limited number of shirts, there is not much room for error in cutting.
Also, the fabric is very old and thin.
I keep questioning if it is worth continuing.
My answer is still yes, however, I think I may just piece it and not quilt it.
If I quilt it, the simplest way would be stitch in the ditch.
Maybe I should have reinforced the fabric somehow, but I did not think of this beforehand.
If I had, I would have had to research different methods of reinforcing the fabric.

This is what I have so far:

I do have enough fabric to make a keyboard border.
My original plan was to also use the larger pieces for backing.
But, if I do quilt this, I think it would need a sturdier fabric for the backing.
Making this quilt has been a good experience, no matter what I decide to do with it.
I would certainly appreciate any input or ideas.

7 thoughts on “Memory Quilt

  1. How about making a tablecloth, a tablerunner, or placemats instead of a quilt? When I saw your picture of a pocket with a pen in it, I thought about using pockets on shirts for silverware, napkins, or serving utensils.

  2. I wonder if backing it like you would for a tshirt quilt would have been the way to go. Either way it looks beautiful so far. If you need more material for a quilt, why not getting an items from all the children. A shirt they wore when spending time with your dad. You could border the quilt with it.

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