Pen in His Pocket

My dad, Pepe, was the youngest of 13 children.
He was a bookkeeper for a large, international construction company in San Antonio.
Dad had perfect penmanship.
He would only write with a Flair pen.
This pen was always in his pocket.
He would let you borrow other pens and pencils, but not his Flair pen!

Dad was very artistic. He was great at graphic design and carpentry.
This is one of the boxes he carved for my mother.

This shield, with the initials of my mom and dad, is carved on the underside of the box lid.

The memory of that pen in my dad’s pocket came to mind as I cut the pockets from dad’s shirts.
I made a block that included the pocket.
I also made two blocks with the shirt label.
There were only two shirts that had the label section large enough for a 3.5″ x 6/5″ rectangle.
There was one shirt that had two pockets with a button.

Here’s my dad…with the pen in his pocket!
These shirt pockets in the middle square had no buttons.

This is what I have so far.
I have had to make some changes to the original design layout.

Memories of math homework came to mind.
As a child, I did not like math.
Dad would patiently sit with me, pull his pen out of his pocket, and try to teach me math.
He must be smiling now, as he sees all the math I do when quilting.
He probably has his pen pulled out of his pocket so he can check the measurements and calculations!


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