To Quilt or Not to Quilt

That is the question.
Ever since I finished piecing the Texas Wildflower quilt, I have been searching for something else to do.
My river quilt is on hold until the three other members of the team are ready.
We will meet next week.
This river quilt is a group project, and I still want to be working on personal projects.

I’ve spent the last few days practicing stippling and meandering.
I quilted a sleeve for my new iPhone.
I also have tried my hand at making New York Beauty quilt blocks.
Even though I was able to make one NY block, I decided it would be best to take lessons somewhere.

So, then, I spent time making scrappy blocks.
I got tired of this, so I started cutting fabric scraps and making 3.5″ blocks for another type of scrappy quilt.

Then last night, I read a post from Texas Quilting about a shirt quilt.
Back, in the corner of my closet, is a tub filled with shirts that belonged to my dad.
Even before I ever started quilting, I wanted to make a quilt out of my dad’s shirts.

So, I asked for more information from Texas Quilting and she posted a great tutorial.
I always learn so much from her blog.

I also found a few other good  resources on Pinterest.
Life is a Stitch, posted a Seven Shirts + Seven Steps = One Thrifty Quilt.
I liked the design of this quilt.

After reviewing more sites, I now have a better idea as to how many blocks I can get from a shirt.
My dad’s taste in shirts was limited…blue, beige, brown, plaid.
They are also not all 100% cotton.
Most are a blend of polyester and cotton.
All but two are in good condition and not worn or thin.
I think I will spend some time playing with possible designs.
I would love to have a quilt, but maybe it might be best to just donate the shirts.


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