A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new.”
Albert Einstein

Yesterday, I made a mistake by skipping a step from a tutorial on how to make a phone sleeve.
Crafty Gemini has a phone sleeve tutorial that is very easy to follow.
(There are so many good ideas and  tutorials on Crafty Gemini blog and youtube.)
However, I was too busy trying to add a step to the phone sleeve tutorial, that I totally forgot to add the closing tab.
I wanted to add a wrist holder, and I just missed the tutorial step on adding a closing tab.
This mistake had me thinking all night as to how I could attach a tab without having to rip and redo.
It may be super easy for others to do this, but it took some time for me to figure something new.

The results are okay since this phone sleeve is for me.
The tab is functional.
And, I did not have to start over.

This is the original phone sleeve without a closing tab.

I covered up a zig- zag hem with a button.
Then I added a button to cover up the hem and give the tab the weight to close.

I tucked in the end seam on the back and reinforced the strip.

This fabric reminds me of a “Groovy” dress I wore back in the ’60’s! 


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