Reconnected to the World

After a beautiful Easter weekend, my iPhone went totally out.
It was a repeat problem of what had happened a year ago.
At that time, I got the phone fixed at the Apple Store.
That was my intention yesterday… to get it fixed.
But, as soon as I walked in, I decided to get a new phone.

The phone I chose was larger than my last phone, so I decided to make a new carrying sleeve.
I found a very bright fat quarter and some white and pink polka dot material in my fabric bins.
Crafty Gemini has great tutorials on so many topics, so I checked You Tube and found what I needed.
The tutorial is for a smaller phone, so I adjusted the measurements to
5.5″W x 14.5″ L.

The one step from the tutorial that I forgot to do was to add elastic and a button for a closing tab.
I wanted to be able to carry this easily, so I added a step to the pattern.
I used  a store bought strap with a clip and a hoop to place in a fabric loop.
I might make another one, if I can’t figure out how to add a tab onto this one.
Either way, it is good to be reconnected!

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