Flying Geese

Even though it is said that the flying geese block is a remarkably simple block “ ,
I have always found it to be challenging.
In fact, I scrapped one of my first quilts because I found the flying geese too frustrating.
(I later used the fabric for a quilt that didn’t require flying geese.)
So, when I designed the Texas Wildflower quilt that requires 20 flying geese blocks, I questioned my sanity.

Previously, I had been using the rotary method for making the geese blocks.
I also tried making templates.
Neither method produced an accurate flying geese block.

A few weeks ago, I purchased a Bloc_Loc Flying Geese ruler from the Mesquite Bean Shop.
It turns out to be one of the best purchases I have made.
I had been following directions from other sources and cutting exactly a 3.5″  x 3.5″ square and a 3.5″ x 6.5″ rectangle.
The directions for the Bloc_Loc called for cutting a 3.75″ x 3.75″ square and a 3.75″ x 6.75″ rectangle.
This made all the difference.
I also saved fabric by making a half-square triangle as I made the flying geese square.

The other area that I researched before I started this quilt, was how to press seams.
I always press seams as I sew.
I previously used Best Press, and then I switched to steam.
However, I noticed that my seams were still a bit off.
After reading an article on Craftsy, I think I finally found the best way to press the seams.
I am still using steam, but I no longer iron the seam…I press the seam.
Also, I had never set the stitches before I pressed.
I know this is not news to all of you experts out there, but it was news to me. 🙂

My goal for today was to make the 20 flying geese and cut the squares necessary to make the Variable Star block.
I also wanted to make the four vertical strip blocks.
I was able to get this done.

I discovered that the fabric I chose for one of these vertical strips had a large floral design.
It is perfect for the border and the background for the star block, but I thought it was out of proportion for the vertical strip block. I purchased some mixed blue and red flower, which is not from the Moda VIII line.
I am not that happy with it, but it is more proportionate for this block.

Vertical Strips Block

Best tool ever!
I might use these half-square triangles for the backing.
I have to see what remnants I have left before I can decide how to piece the backing.

This isn’t pieced yet.
Tomorrow, I will cut the photos from Richard Reynolds.
I just wanted to see what the block will look like when finished.
The bluebonnet will be the center block.

We are supposed to get hit with a big rain storm tonight and tomorrow.
Hopefully the power won’t go out and I can spend time on the quilt.

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