Today was spent working on a Transformer quilt.
Months ago, I found an autobot pattern that was designed by Susan Guinto.
The site offered a free download.

The pattern is suited to 2.5 inch strips and squares.
A few weeks ago, I purchased the fabric from Poppy Quilt ‘Sew Shop in Georgetown.
I painstakingly measured, counted, and recorded the number of black, gray, and white squares and strips that were needed.
Then…I misplaced my notebook!

So, today, I cut the three different fabrics in 2.5 inch strips, WOF.
The white fabric was cut LOF, since I needed a long enough top and bottom strip.
I decided to cut what is needed in small sections, and piece-as- I go.
This P-A-I-G method is so much easier than when I made a Darth Vadar quilt for my son.
On the Darth Vadar quilt, I cut all the pieces. It was difficult for me to keep track of what I needed, when I needed it.
The Darth Vadar quilt was also out of 2.5 strips and blocks.

To make this quilt, I used a pattern from WSKanePatterns.

My goal today was to finish half of the autobot.
I reached that goal, except I found a mistake as I posted the picture.
It will be an easy fix to remove the out of sequence black block from the second to the last row.

I used the Stripology ruler grid to cut the strips.
I am still doing something wrong at the onset, since I end up having to recut the bottom.
The strips are more accurate than when I cut with a 2.5 inch ruler.
I just have to study what I am doing incorrectly. It doesn’t happen all the time, just enough to be a nuisance.

I also purchased a magnetic quarter-inch guide.
It has improved the accuracy of the seams, but sometimes, before I get to remove the pins, the pins knock it out of line.
Still, I like using this rather than the painter’s tape I was using.

Oh, I found my notebook!

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