Good Fun

“I know that it’s wet and the sun is not sunny, but we can have lots of good fun that is funny.” Dr. Seuss.
Another rainy day, and I loved it.
Got a lot done on the Hope quilt.
The vertical sashes were a bit difficult for me.
I had to rip the sashes a few times because the corners did not match.
My sister suggested I use teal for the sash, and I’m glad I listened to her.

Tomorrow, I will add the keyboard border.

Thanks to Lucinda Ganderton and her book, Block a Day.
This makes two quilts, and two tote bags that I have made using the blocks from her book.
Great resource!

8 thoughts on “Good Fun

  1. Looking good. On a completely unrelated note which I hope you don’t mind me asking. I’ve been learning Spanish by keeping a diary and I’m also learning quilting. But I’m getting a bit stuck on the different words to use for stitching (for punto de cruz), sewing and quilting. At the moment everything is just cosir and edredon for a quilt. Now I’m assuming you know Spanish cos of your blog title so I thought id ask if you had any tips on what words to use.

    1. Thanks. I don’t mind you asking about Spanish. Punto de cruz is cross stitching. El punto and la puntada are seams. Costura is needlework seams, or just sewing in general. Haciendo una colcha is making a quilt. Una alcochado or a cobija are words for quilts. Cosiendo is sewing. I don’t know if this helps.

      1. Thank you! Is there a verb for quilting? Like colchiendo or alcochiendo. Or colchar/alcochar. Rather than just a quilt. I’d like to be able to say I am quilting rather than I am sewing my quilt.
        But would you use colcha instead of edredon for quilt then?
        At the moment I’ve been saying “hice algo mas cosiendo de mi edredon” for I did some more sewing for my quilt. But I haven’t started quilting yet.
        I hope that all made sense!

  2. Colchiendo would be a slang word, or Tex-Mex word.
    Yo estoy cosiendo una colcha. ( I am sewing a quilt.)
    Hoy, cosido en me colcha. (Today, I sewed on my quilt.)
    Estoy trabajando en la parte superior de la colcha. ( I am working on the top part of the quilt)
    Elegi la tela para la colcha. ( I chose the fabric for the quilt. )
    Estoy juntando (cosinando) las piezas de tela de la colcha.( I am piecing (sewing) the pieces of fabric of the quilt.)

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