Taking a Break

“Each person deserves a day away in which no problems are confronted, no solutions searched for. Each of us needs to withdraw from the cares which will not withdraw from us.” — Maya Angelou

It was a good decision to take a two-day break from the Tribute quilt.
I realize that quilting is not a serious problem…however…
I have been allowing myself to be stressed by the difficulties I am encountering on this Tribute quilt.
It was nice to have two days without having to problem solve the next step on assembling the quilt.
Also, I had a chance to speak with a quilting friend.
She listened to my concerns, then she showed me a quilt that she was assembling.
I thought the quilt top was beautiful.
Then she showed me the seams.
They looked like the seams on my quilt!
I felt better.

The Rainbow Heart quilt is finished and ready to mail.
20170215_205652651_ios  20170215_205708221_ios
    Front                                                     Back
          Quilt Carry Bag


I spent a few minutes looking over the remaining blocks for the Tribute quilt.
There were a couple of blocks that I am thinking of replacing.
So, I looked through the Block a Day  book once again.
I found Block #188, Patience Block.
How appropriate!
Mom always told me that patience was a virtue that I did not have.
Of course we laughed, because she was Ms. Impatient!
Block #188 Patience Block
If I place this block in the quilt, I will have to make a different block to replace the Kitchen Work block, since it is also green and similar in design.

Better Attitude…Better Day

After yesterday’s frustrating quilting experience, I spent the night readjusting my attitude.
Today was so much better.
I am still not happy with the seams, but I am doing the best I can.
This project is giving me so many opportunities to learn and improve.
I may have committed a quilting no-no on the bird blocks.

The blocks were not measuring 12.5 inches.
The pattern of the block is too difficult to rip and start over.
So, I added a strip of musical note fabric all around to measure 12.5  inches.
It may take away from the presentation, but it may also enhance it.
Since it is my quilt, I will say it enhances it. 😉

All the tutorials on sashing say to add the vertical sashes first, then add the horizontal rows.
I needed to see how it looked, so I went ahead and completed three rows.
I am so glad I did.
Once I saw it hanging, I forgot the trouble I am having with the seams, and felt good about what I saw.

I decided to make the 9-patch square corners, and I am happy with the result.
Jenny Sloan, from Missouri Quilt Star Co. says it is quick and easy. 😦
Maybe, one day, it will be.
Tomorrow, I plan to take the day off and celebrate Valentine’s Day.
On Wednesday, after my luncheon with my cousins, I will work on the 9-patch squares.
Maybe, I will be able to finish the vertically sashes for the last four rows.

My friend, Nancy Reynolds sent me these photos of some lamps that she and her husband, Richard, are making.
Richard is a master photographer who captures the beauty of Texas.
Nancy is just so creative and makes so many beautiful things.
20170213_160911512_ios 20170213_160948250_ios 20170213_161057903_ios
These lamps and some photo pillows may be featured at the West Austin Studio Tour in May.
I will keep you posted.

What a Day!

Since the sash strips had been cut and pieced, I thought it would be a breeze to sew the sashes.
I don’t do well with large quilts.
Not having a design wall is a problem.
My sewing table is also too small.
I know, I’m whining.
It’s time to stop and get a better attitude.

This quilt has 35 blocks that should measure 12.5″.
29 of these blocks are totally different blocks.
There are many seams, and I am not used to working with so many seams going in different directions all in one block.

The book calls for most of the seams to be pressed opened.
I am finding that I am having to reinforce these open seam.
Also, I am having difficulty keeping a 1/4 inch seam.
The first few blocks I made are a bit less than 12. 5 inches.
I realized too late that my quarter seam guide was off.
So now, I am having to rip and redo many of the blocks.

First Row
Second Row

After an afternoon of struggling with the first two rows, I made a decision to change the pattern for the corners.
The corners were supposed to be 9 patch corners that end up measuring 3.5 inches , but I am not ready for this headache.
So, I am making solid corners with the lavender fabric.
I tried the top row of sashing to see if it worked, and I liked the results.


The second row has not been sashed.
Tomorrow, I will try to get the vertical sashes completed…well, as much as I can.
I foresee another day of rip and redo.
Now that I look at top sash, I realize that the 9 patch would have been better since the purple is in the center of the three strips.
Oh, well.
Lesson learned.


Never put off till tomorrow what may be done day after tomorrow just as well.”
~ Mark Twain

No more day after tomorrow…I finally cut and pieced the sashing for the Tribute quilt…82 strips!
It took an hour to cut the strips. I wanted to be precise in the cutting, and I find it more difficult to cut anything less than 2.5 inches.

It took an  hour and a half to piece the strips.
I followed Jenny Doan’s suggestion of pressing the first seam before sewing the second seam.
It resulted in accurate seams.
Each sash width measures 3.5″ exactly.

It took about 20 minutes to cut the sashing into 12.5 ” sashes.

I was planning on cutting and piecing the corner 9-patches tomorrow, but I think I would rather assemble the vertical sashing instead. I need to plan more for the
9-patch since I have two different main colors.
I am also curious to see how the blocks look with the sashing.

Looking forward to tomorrow!



Another Tangent… Another Butterfly

“My thoughts are like butterflies. They are beautiful, but they fly away.”

I must have a mental block about starting the sashing for the Tribute quilt.
Tomorrow, February 11th, will be the one year anniversary of mom’s passing.
Maybe this is why I am dragging my feet on finishing the quilt.

As I prepared the fabric for sashing, I took off on another tangent.
When I gift a quilt, I like to make some type of carrying tote with the leftover fabric.
In the past, I have made pillow cases, drawstring bags, and tote bags instead of using store-bought gift bags.
This is the pillow tote bag I made for my Granny-On-the-Go quilt.
I usually keep it  in the car to be ready-on-the-spot for any occasion.
It has come in handy for impromptu Grandchildren Picnics, story time, and naps!

I had enough of the primary color jelly roll left to make Block #254, Sweet Heart.
The pattern calls for 3.5 inch blocks, but since I was using the jelly roll strips, I changed the pattern
to 2.5 inch blocks and strips. Then I added borders.
20170210_173635047_ios  20170210_175310724_ios  20170210_220254219_ios
Quilted Top
For the back and handle of the quilt carry tote, I will be using the splattered colors-on-black fabric
that I am using for the Rainbow Heart quilt backing.

Block a Day
After looking at yesterday’s Block #40, I decided to make some changes on the Tribute quilt.
One of the quilt blocks I had already made was a tribute to mom’s love of music.
She played the french horn in her high school band; she had a beautiful singing voice; and we grew up
listening to her record album collection.
She loved jazz, opera, movie tunes, Mario Lanza, Frank Sintra…you name it, we heard it.
As I was placing the blocks together, this musical block did not seem to  work.
So, I found some lighter musical fabric in my stash, and I added the colors of mom’s
high school band, Laredo Martin .
I love the school motto!
One of the last times mom was in the hospital, the nurse wanted to test mom’s balance and strength, before releasing her.
Mom hopped out of the bed and started marching like “the good old days.”
“Once a Tiger, Always a Tiger”!
Everyone was in awe of her strength and spirit.
So, I will be using Block #40 in the Tribute Quilt…if I ever get to working on it!
No more tangents…
No more butterflies!
Block #40 Diagonal Nine-Patch

Rainbow Heart Quilt

The Rainbow Heart quilt is completed and is now being machine quilted
by Jeana Kubik.
This quilt is for a very special person, and I know that Jeana will do a great job.
Jeana also sells fabric, and I found an absolutely perfect fabric for the backing.
I forgot to take a picture, but it looks like a splash of happy colors on a black background.
Jeana had just given a class on how to use a Gammill.
I need to sign up for a class.
Maybe, one day.

Rainbow Heart

“Look up to the sky.
If you’re looking down
You’ll never find rainbows. “
Charlie Chaplin

It doesn’t take much to get me started on a new tangent.
Today, a morning phone conversation shifted my attention from the Tribute quilt, to Rainbows.
I was in the middle of cleaning up and sizing the blocks for the Tribute quilt, in preparation for sashing.

This phone conversation, plus my recent repeat-viewing of a rainbow-filled Troll movie, got me started on a new project.
In my fabric bin, I had a jelly roll of primary colors that I had planned to use on a
Dr. Seuss quilt.

Perfect for a rainbow.
Perfect for a quilt.
Now, what kind of quilt?
A Rainbow Heart quilt, of course!

I looked online for free patterns.
I found this heart quilt made of mini-charm packs on Hideaway Girl.
The thought of cutting jelly roll into squares was not appealing, so I converted the pattern to horizontal strips.
Then, I found this Love Heart quilt.
It did not have a pattern, so I made my own.
I thought the jelly roll of primary colors was best suited for a vertical strip heart.
Since I spent most of the afternoon searching and making patterns, I only got half of the quilt done.
I found that highlighting as I go is a helpful visual.
I am cutting and piecing along the way, in order to not get the pieces confused.
This could really be a one day quilt if planned ahead of time.
I am thinking of piecing a one-inch white border, and then some type of three-inch border.
Maybe not.
It might ruin the rainbow effect of the strips.
Or, it might enhance it.
That will be tomorrow’s decision.
Or, maybe my problem for Friday.
Tomorrow is a busy day of appointments.

This Rainbow Heart quilt will be for a former student of mine.
This beautiful, loving girl was in a fifth grade class I taught back in ’96.
A very special girl and blessing in my life.
Someone who always looked up.



Block a Day #37, February 6

After 10 days of trying to recuperate from a bad case of the flu, I went out and celebrated today.
It was great to get back in my car and visit quilt stores!

I really need to get to work on the Tribute quilt.
All I got done today was the Block of the Day, #37, Pennants.
I plan to use some of these blocks to make a Quilt- as -You -Go lap quilt.
I have been studying tutorials on QAYG, and I think I will be ready to try this after I finish two more quilts
that I have in the planning stages
Block #37, Pennants
I am thinking of embroidering some quotes on these pennants.


One of the quilts I am planning is a Transformer quilt.
I wanted something that was not juvenile, since it is for a very special young man.
I found this autobot snip download on Pinterest.
It was created by Susan Guinto.
There were various patterns for Transformer crochet blankets.
But this autobot snip that had a free download, might be easier to transfer to a quilt pattern.

Like my granddaughter says, “First things, first.happyface
I want to get the Tribute quilt pieced and ready to quilt.
This may mean that I will have to set aside the Block a Day for a few days.

Super Bowl Sunday / Block a Day

All that is left is a case of the sniffles.
I think I am finally over this bout with the flu.
I managed to complete Block 35 and Block 36 before the Super Bowl hoopla started.
Go Atlanta!

20170206_002834660_ios                                 20170205_221132277_ios
Block #35, Double Nine Patch (Rotary)                                        Block #36, Row of Geese (Rotary and Template)

The light strips in Block #36 are really pink.
I guess my printer cartridge needs to be changed.
In the first year that I started quilting, I started working on a quilt that had flying geese.
I totally messed them up and got so frustrated that I shelved the project.
It felt good to make Block #36 successfully.
I used 4 x 4 inch templates, so I think this helped with the accuracy of the flying geese cut.

I also made some mug rugs, but I am not happy with the results.
I tried using the backing to make the binding, and it just didn’t come out as neatly as it should.
20170206_010053668_ios20170206_010342772_ios 20170204_003406534_ios 20170204_003536769_ios

Two Weeks

These past two weeks have been a bit crazy.
It all began with the Woman’s March in Austin.
A great two days.
Followed by 7 beautiful days with my granddaughter.
I finally drove home last Friday night.
On Saturday, I felt a bit tired.
I chalked it up to a busy week.
By Sunday, I knew something was wrong.
I did not have the energy to quilt.
A visit to the clinic confirmed that I have the flu.
Today is the first day I am sitting and at my computer.
Still no energy.
Maybe tomorrow.
20170127_212214146_ios            20170127_220809939_ios
My granddaughter and I declared last Friday to be Drawing Day.
After seeing the movie Troll four times…yes, four, it was only natural we drew Poppy, the Troll.
It is after all, a very “dance-able” movie.
I hope to get back to the sewing room soon.
Lots of projects!

Look at the cool Get Well Box I received from a very special lady.
Thank you, Phyllis!