Conversation and Quilting…what a great way to spend two days!

It was impossible to get a conversation going, everybody was talking too much.
Yogi Berra

I love Yogi Berra-isms!

Last night was a beautiful night spent visiting with my oldest twin son.
He was in Austin for a conference.
Nothing better than having conversations with my sons!

Then, today was a great day spent with friends.
Lunch, positive conversation, and sharing of ideas.
We also planned our continued effort to get our voices heard over in Austin, with our state legislators.
“Everybody was talking too much.” 🙂

All this conversation energized me to get to work.
I returned home ready to take the next steps for completing the Tribute quilt.
Yesterday, I made the final nine-patch squares and strips.
I also framed the fourth row, which has the center block that represents mom’s house.
The movie fabric I had ordered was delivered today.
It is not quite what I expected, a little too dull.
I made Block #150, Octagon Frame.
I haven’t decided if I want to use it in the quilt.
Tomorrow may be the last day I have time to work on the quilt for this week, so I will decide on the block tomorrow.
I’ll be taking a few days off to spend more time having conversations with friends!

4 thoughts on “Conversation and Quilting…what a great way to spend two days!

    1. My major concern with our state legislators is the lack of support and out-right attack on the public school system. The welfare of our children is in jeopardy.
      There are so many issues, but I am trying to remain positive, open-minded and hopeful.
      Thanks for asking.
      Your Splendid Sampler is amazing.

      1. Our daughter is working on a degree in education and she keeps me apprised of that. I’m typically pretty non-political, but this woman who’s in charge of education seems pretty radical and lacking in experience. I need to take your advice and remain positive!

      2. It is a worrisome situation, but as long as we keep vigilante and positive, we can get through this. I wish your daughter the best in her choice of profession. I loved every minute of my 42 years as an educator.

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