What a Day!

Since the sash strips had been cut and pieced, I thought it would be a breeze to sew the sashes.
I don’t do well with large quilts.
Not having a design wall is a problem.
My sewing table is also too small.
I know, I’m whining.
It’s time to stop and get a better attitude.

This quilt has 35 blocks that should measure 12.5″.
29 of these blocks are totally different blocks.
There are many seams, and I am not used to working with so many seams going in different directions all in one block.

The book calls for most of the seams to be pressed opened.
I am finding that I am having to reinforce these open seam.
Also, I am having difficulty keeping a 1/4 inch seam.
The first few blocks I made are a bit less than 12. 5 inches.
I realized too late that my quarter seam guide was off.
So now, I am having to rip and redo many of the blocks.

First Row
Second Row

After an afternoon of struggling with the first two rows, I made a decision to change the pattern for the corners.
The corners were supposed to be 9 patch corners that end up measuring 3.5 inches , but I am not ready for this headache.
So, I am making solid corners with the lavender fabric.
I tried the top row of sashing to see if it worked, and I liked the results.


The second row has not been sashed.
Tomorrow, I will try to get the vertical sashes completed…well, as much as I can.
I foresee another day of rip and redo.
Now that I look at top sash, I realize that the 9 patch would have been better since the purple is in the center of the three strips.
Oh, well.
Lesson learned.

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