Another Tangent… Another Butterfly

“My thoughts are like butterflies. They are beautiful, but they fly away.”

I must have a mental block about starting the sashing for the Tribute quilt.
Tomorrow, February 11th, will be the one year anniversary of mom’s passing.
Maybe this is why I am dragging my feet on finishing the quilt.

As I prepared the fabric for sashing, I took off on another tangent.
When I gift a quilt, I like to make some type of carrying tote with the leftover fabric.
In the past, I have made pillow cases, drawstring bags, and tote bags instead of using store-bought gift bags.
This is the pillow tote bag I made for my Granny-On-the-Go quilt.
I usually keep it  in the car to be ready-on-the-spot for any occasion.
It has come in handy for impromptu Grandchildren Picnics, story time, and naps!

I had enough of the primary color jelly roll left to make Block #254, Sweet Heart.
The pattern calls for 3.5 inch blocks, but since I was using the jelly roll strips, I changed the pattern
to 2.5 inch blocks and strips. Then I added borders.
20170210_173635047_ios  20170210_175310724_ios  20170210_220254219_ios
Quilted Top
For the back and handle of the quilt carry tote, I will be using the splattered colors-on-black fabric
that I am using for the Rainbow Heart quilt backing.

Block a Day
After looking at yesterday’s Block #40, I decided to make some changes on the Tribute quilt.
One of the quilt blocks I had already made was a tribute to mom’s love of music.
She played the french horn in her high school band; she had a beautiful singing voice; and we grew up
listening to her record album collection.
She loved jazz, opera, movie tunes, Mario Lanza, Frank Sintra…you name it, we heard it.
As I was placing the blocks together, this musical block did not seem to  work.
So, I found some lighter musical fabric in my stash, and I added the colors of mom’s
high school band, Laredo Martin .
I love the school motto!
One of the last times mom was in the hospital, the nurse wanted to test mom’s balance and strength, before releasing her.
Mom hopped out of the bed and started marching like “the good old days.”
“Once a Tiger, Always a Tiger”!
Everyone was in awe of her strength and spirit.
So, I will be using Block #40 in the Tribute Quilt…if I ever get to working on it!
No more tangents…
No more butterflies!
Block #40 Diagonal Nine-Patch

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