Rainbow Heart

“Look up to the sky.
If you’re looking down
You’ll never find rainbows. “
Charlie Chaplin

It doesn’t take much to get me started on a new tangent.
Today, a morning phone conversation shifted my attention from the Tribute quilt, to Rainbows.
I was in the middle of cleaning up and sizing the blocks for the Tribute quilt, in preparation for sashing.

This phone conversation, plus my recent repeat-viewing of a rainbow-filled Troll movie, got me started on a new project.
In my fabric bin, I had a jelly roll of primary colors that I had planned to use on a
Dr. Seuss quilt.

Perfect for a rainbow.
Perfect for a quilt.
Now, what kind of quilt?
A Rainbow Heart quilt, of course!

I looked online for free patterns.
I found this heart quilt made of mini-charm packs on Hideaway Girl.
The thought of cutting jelly roll into squares was not appealing, so I converted the pattern to horizontal strips.
Then, I found this Love Heart quilt.
It did not have a pattern, so I made my own.
I thought the jelly roll of primary colors was best suited for a vertical strip heart.
Since I spent most of the afternoon searching and making patterns, I only got half of the quilt done.
I found that highlighting as I go is a helpful visual.
I am cutting and piecing along the way, in order to not get the pieces confused.
This could really be a one day quilt if planned ahead of time.
I am thinking of piecing a one-inch white border, and then some type of three-inch border.
Maybe not.
It might ruin the rainbow effect of the strips.
Or, it might enhance it.
That will be tomorrow’s decision.
Or, maybe my problem for Friday.
Tomorrow is a busy day of appointments.

This Rainbow Heart quilt will be for a former student of mine.
This beautiful, loving girl was in a fifth grade class I taught back in ’96.
A very special girl and blessing in my life.
Someone who always looked up.



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