Super Bowl Sunday / Block a Day

All that is left is a case of the sniffles.
I think I am finally over this bout with the flu.
I managed to complete Block 35 and Block 36 before the Super Bowl hoopla started.
Go Atlanta!

20170206_002834660_ios                                 20170205_221132277_ios
Block #35, Double Nine Patch (Rotary)                                        Block #36, Row of Geese (Rotary and Template)

The light strips in Block #36 are really pink.
I guess my printer cartridge needs to be changed.
In the first year that I started quilting, I started working on a quilt that had flying geese.
I totally messed them up and got so frustrated that I shelved the project.
It felt good to make Block #36 successfully.
I used 4 x 4 inch templates, so I think this helped with the accuracy of the flying geese cut.

I also made some mug rugs, but I am not happy with the results.
I tried using the backing to make the binding, and it just didn’t come out as neatly as it should.
20170206_010053668_ios20170206_010342772_ios 20170204_003406534_ios 20170204_003536769_ios

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