Friend+Quilt Shop = Fun

Yesterday afternoon, my friend Nancy came to visit.
She brought two beautiful felt birds as gifts.
One was blue and one was burgundy.
My granddaughter, who must have inherited the bird-loving gene from her grandmother and great-grandmother, immediately chose the blue one and had me hang it in her room.
After catching up and sharing ideas, Nancy and I headed out to the B&B Quilting shop in Buda.
This shop is owned by two sisters, Nancy Brinkley and Lori Beckers.
They are so friendly and helpful.

The store has a large selection of beautiful fabric and other goodies.
I was looking for sashing fabric, and my friend, Nancy, gave me some ideas about colors and design.
It was difficult finding a white/cream fabric, since I had forgotten to bring one of my blocks.
I wanted to compare  and find a fabric that complimented the Kona Snow fabric that I used as the background for many of my blocks.
Luckily, a bolt of the Kona Snow fabric had just been delivered, and Nancy, the store owner, helped me find a white-on- white speckled fabric that coordinated with the Kona Snow.
I shared my design plan with Nancy Brinkley . With her suggestions, I fine- tuned my design, and I finalized the sashing plan.

I will be using the sashing ideas from the Missouri Star Quilt Co. tutorial.
The tutorial demonstrates using three, 1.5 inch strips for sashing.
Instead of using one white strip with a colored strip on each side , I will be using two white strips and a color strip in the middle. This will make it easier for me to spotlight the center block, which is the block that represents my mother’s house.
I had originally thought I would be using polka-dot fabrics, but these two Kaufman fabrics caught my eye.

One of my goals has been to learn how to figure out how much material is needed for quilting projects.
I had done some research on figuring the amount of fabric needed in sashing a quilt that has 35 twelve-inch blocks.
Thanks to the tutorials I found online, I figured out what I needed.
Since I was not sure if I had done it correctly, I asked Nancy Brinkley if she could help me.

She kindly pulled out the calculator and some paper and proceeded to figure the yardage.
To my delight, it was close to what I had figured out!
Nancy presented a conservative yardage amount and I had added a bit more to be safe.
Nancy B. scripted the cutting directions for me.
See…I told you they were helpful!

As we were figuring this out, my friend Nancy found some beautiful fabric for her projects.
It was a pretty productive day.

As soon as I return home, I will begin sashing the Tribute quilt.
There are still a few blocks that I have to even up, but Nancy B. gave me some great ideas on how to do this without ripping and redoing blocks.
It is well worth a trip to B&B Quilt Shop.

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