Quilt Blocks are Done!

Today I was able to complete the last two blocks for the Tribute quilt.
There are 35 blocks total.
Two of the blocks from Block a Day were repeated.
I made four of the same bird block, and two of the same tree block.

This morning, I made Block #253, Little Basket.
I have gradually been investing on rulers, squares, triangles and grids.
It really makes things easier when one uses the proper tools.
This block required 4 x 4 templates.
The book provides the patterns for the templates and I have been making them as needed
Block #253 Little Basket

This afternoon I made Block #11, Birds in Air.
I really liked this block, but I saved it for last.
It required making and using 7 x 7 large and small triangle templates.
20170117_205147051_ios  20170117_204050869_ios 20170117_210050399_ios

The pattern in the book had solid colors, but I wanted to use polka-dots.
Block #11, Birds in Air

This is my layout, so far.
It might change.
The next step is to clean up the blocks and double check the measurements.
I know I am going to have to redo some.
I still do not know how I will be sashing this.
Any suggestions are welcomed 🙂

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