Birthday Present

So far, I have made 30 quilt blocks from Block a Day, by Lucinda Ganderton.
It has been such a good experience, learning new skills each day.

The book provides directions for both the rotary method and template cutting.
At first, I didn’t think I would like making and using templates.
Now, I am finding that I prefer this to the rotary method.
I especially like the templates when making long boats and triangle squares.
It seems to produce a more accurate piece.
There is also less waste of fabric.

There are four more blocks from Block a Day that I will be using for the Tribute quilt I am making in memory of my mom.
Every quilt tells a story, and making this quilt, telling mom’s story, has been very positive for me.
Each block has a special memory and story attached with it.

Today’s block #334, Birthday Present, was particularly fun.
This block represents the fact that I was born on mom’s birthday.
We celebrated 65 birthdays together.

As a child, I use to brag to my older sister that I was mom’s favorite, because I was born on her birthday.
I guess I bragged to my sister one too many times, and she told me that I was found in a basket on the porch.
She added that Mom gave me her birthday when they decided to keep me.
That shut me up for a good while.
What are big sisters for…right?
My sister could make me believe anything…she still does!
My sisters and I met for lunch today, and we had a good laugh about this.

Block #334, Birthday Present
I used the AccuQuilt Go! for the triangles, and the big and small squares.
The long and short rectangles were cut by rotary, since I do not have the full set of  die cuts.


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