Frustrating Friday

Wow! What a day!
My seam ripper has become my most used sewing notion.
I’m glad I bought one that is more ergonomic than the small one I was using.
It’s a Dritz.

Before I begin to whine, I do want to say that working on these blocks from Block a Day has been a learning experience.
I am pleased to be learning new things with each block.
The accuracy of my cutting and piecing does seem to be improving.
But, it is challenging, and sometimes frustrating.

My sister reminded me that mom liked the bluebonnet season, and I remembered that I had a bluebonnet fat quarter in my stash. I thought that Block #256, Faceted Square, would best showcase the bluebonnet fabric.
It looked simple…Wrong.
I guess the word , faceted, should have been my first clue that this would not be easy.
I ripped this block at least three times.
I am happy with the results, but it was a doozy.
The next block I made was Block #252, Big Flower.
I had some very bright and playful fabric that I thought would look good, but when I finished, it looked too busy.
It did not look right, but since I had to rip and redo this block so many times, I just walked away from it.

When I went back to study it, I noticed that I have misplaced an orange triangle.
It should be part of the center.
Maybe, once I fix this, it will not look so busy.
Right now, I am going to give my seam ripper a rest.


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