Wonderful Wednesday

It is such a rewarding feeling to see children read a book they thought they couldn’t read.
Their sweet faces just light up!
It feels great to be working with children again, even if its just a couple of days a week.
Made my day!

Thanks to the Accuquilt Go!, I was able to cut all of the triangles and squares for block 183 just minutes before I walked out the door to go volunteer at the school.
20170111_220811692_ios 20170112_005514917_ios

I decided to make the block, Summer Tree, look more like a spring tree.
I used lighter greens and added a floral fabric.

Now, I am trying to decide if I should make this same block into a fall tree;
or if I should just make the fall leaf block.
I am thinking that one tree on each side of the house block would be more balanced.
Mom liked to decorate for fall and spring.
She was not a fan of Texas summers.
There are three other tree blocks in Block a Day, but two of them are at angles.
I do not think the angled trees would look good with the vertical tree.
The other tree block, Winter Tree, is a two triangle tree.
I made it into a three triangle tree  to represent mom’s love for all things Christmas.
The winter tree really isn’t native to our area.

It’s time to set the quilt layout aside and think about it for a while.
I will look it over with fresher eyes tomorrow.
I also asked my artistic sister for her input.

Those first graders wore me out!

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