Note to Self

It was a cold day.
My son, who lives in Mckinney, had snow.
He said it went down to 19 degrees with a wind chill of 7.
It wasn’t that cold here, but it was cold enough.
It was perfect for a day of reading, drinking coffee, and quilting.

After already making two different types of basket quilt blocks for Block a Day,
I was ready to make today’s Block #7, Cherry Basket.
I thought it would be a breeze.

It took me most of the afternoon to get this block done correctly.
Part of the problem is that I tend to not read the directions thoroughly.
Note to self: READ the DIRECTIONS.
After ripping it up and starting over a few times, I finally got it.


Yesterday, we went out to eat fish for lunch.
There is a Hobby Lobby near the restaurant, so of course, I talked my husband into going with me for a quick fabric trip.
I saw this wild black and spiral fabric that just shouted out “rooster”;
so I purchased a fat quarter to make Block #88.
Mom had a rooster motif in her kitchen, and this block is perfect for the Tribute quilt.
I had so much fun piecing this rooster block.
I had plenty of remnants to coordinate with the fabric I purchased.
The rooster is a little knocked-kneed, but I think it gives the rooster more personality.
Now, I want to catch up with my reading.

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