Busy Friday…No, I mean Thursday

Last night I went to bed thinking it was Thursday night, and I woke up ready for Friday.
After a morning cup of coffee, I finally figured out that today was Thursday.
With a start like this, I decided to make it a Sweat Pants Day.
No walk.
Just reading and quilting.
The Block of the Day #4, July 4th, is described as a “playful block” because of the prints and solids.
July is a favorite and busy month for us.
My twin sons and my youngest son were born in July.
My granddaughter was born in July.
And my one and only niece has a July birthday.

I had some bright red prints and blue prints that were just perfect.
The block is just made of 8 tapered rectangles and 8 small triangles.
Fun to make!

For the Tribute quilt, I made two different blocks.
Block #178 is a Flower Basket block.
Mom made beautiful wreaths and basket floral arrangements.
Oops! I just noticed a mistake on the flower basket.
I need to turn that green and white square.

Block #178 is a Grape Basket.
Mom usually had some sort of arrangement on her table that included grapes.

All three of these blocks were made with remnants and fabric I already had on hand.

I started Block #6, Poppy.
There is plenty of red scraps and remnants in my bins, but I am having trouble finding a remnant for the border.
The teal remnant I like is not enough for the four borders.
I will have to think about this one.

Of this, I am sure.
It is Thursday night.

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