Block a Day #6

This is all I managed to get done today from Block a Day.
Block #6, Poppy
I also reviewed the layout for the Tribute quilt.
Before I went any further, I contacted my friend Jeana .
I had so many questions about how to make this quilt more cohesive.
I wasn’t sure if I could combine abstract blocks with traditional blocks.
Each block is a symbol of something related to my mom, even the abstract blocks, such as Kitchen Work block.
I also had questions about sashing and borders.
Jeana , as usual, came to the rescue.
I am ready to continue.

Since I do not have room for a design wall, I decided to make a portable magnet design wall.
It gives me the quick visual I need without taking up space.

I purchased a magnetic white board and magnets from Wal Mart.
I used double-sided tape to place the block pictures on the magnet.
It is hanging on the door in my sewing room.
For now, it seems to be doing the trick.

2 thoughts on “Block a Day #6

  1. Ooh. That’s a really clever idea for a mini design board. I might have to give that a go for my quilt. I definitely won’t have the room to lay out the full size one.

    1. So far, it has been just what I need. A quick visual that doesn’t take up space.
      It is especially helpful when I am choosing materials for the blocks. I also made a template that I keep on my computer.

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