Block A Day #4 and #19

Today’s Block a Day is Framed Pinwheel.
The bright colors add a contemporary look to the traditional pinwheel.
I think the floral fabric I chose for the corners is too weak compared to the pinwheel.
But it was the only fabric in my stash that was close to complementing the other pieces.
One of the perks of this Block a Day is that I am using up stash.
I’m also using the book patterns to make templates, since I only have one
AccuQuilt Go! die cut.

The center block for my Tribute to Tonie quilt is Block a Day # 19, Prairie House.
My family moved to another house the year I got married.
We called the house by it’s address, 215.
My siblings and I also referred to mom as 215. 🙂

The house was built in the 50’s, and it had pink brick.
The house was always painted with pink, browns, and beige.
Mom loved the bricked planter in the front of the house.
I chose the floral print for the central rectangle to represent the brick planter.

I made some changes to the Prairie House Block by not adding the two chimneys.
I also appliqued a floral wreath on the door.
Mom always made one for each season and hung it on the front door.
I embroidered 215 on one of the blocks.
20170104_193252766_ios  20170104_193248570_ios 20170104_202417367_ios

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