Family, Friends, and Fun

The Christmas holidays were filled with family, friends, food, and fun.
After spending the morning watching old movies, I thought it would be a good idea to assess the stash bins and start reorganizing the sewing room.

It was a good idea…but, as usual, I got side-tracked.
As I was pulling out remnants, I started thinking of the quilts and products that I made and the people for whom these items were made. Many happy thoughts came to mind.

Then I got the idea to make January mug rugs for my sons and their families.
The mug rugs could be personalized by using the remnants from the quilts I had made for them and for my grandchildren and daughter-in-laws.
So, I decided to make mug rugs with a coffee/cocoa/tea mug theme.
I found this easy block pattern on Pinterest.

20161225_165043888_ios  20161225_174357099_ios
This pattern was so easy.
I cut out all the pieces to make 12 mug rugs.
Then I sewed them up assembly style.
20161227_010020658_ios    20161227_010141096_ios 20161227_010053098_ios

Maybe I will organize the room tomorrow…maybe not.
It might be a good day to go to the Botanical Gardens.

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