Block A Day



A few weeks ago, I purchased a Block A Day by Lucinda Ganderton.
The first few days were spent perusing the book.
The book is so well-organized, and so I started devoting time to reading the seven sections.
Each section provides information in a reader friendly manner.
The author states that this book provides “something for everybody”.
It does seem to cover beginners to experienced quilters.

There is a section with great directions for cutting out the patches.
Most blocks have directions for both rotary and template cutting.
I have never done any template cutting, and this is something I would like to try.

After reading the section about fabrics, I started checking out my stash.
The block patterns are grouped by color, so I began sorting my stash according to what I saw in the first color section of the books.

At first, the idea of piecing a block a day seemed a bit overwhelming.
However, after studying the book, it seems that this is something I could manage.
I think that this project would provide me the opportunity to improve and learn new skills.
It would be a challenge, but I think it could be enjoyable.

It might be more fun if I could find other people who would like to do this.
I know there is an online block a day project by Karyn Kerr .
Originally, I had thought of trying this challenge.
It would give me the opportunity to have an online community of quilters doing this project.

But, I really like the blocks in Lucinda Ganderton’s book, so I decided that I am going to challenge myself with this project.

3 thoughts on “Block A Day

  1. Wow. Good luck! That sounds like a massive project but I’m sure by the end of it you’ll have loads of great blocks. And probably have decided on a few favourites too!

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