Riverwalk Inspiration

My walking buddies and I walked 4 miles of the downtown Riverwalk this morning.
We even visited the Alamo.
It’s the first time in years that I have gone to the Alamo without being in charge of bus loads of school children!
I actually got to enjoy this visit.
We walked through the Menger Hotel and the Fairmount Hotel to see the beautiful buildings decorated for Christmas.
20161207_152102529_ios   20161207_152108435_ios
Tree in front of the Alamo
20161207_153548365_ios 20161207_153707214_ios
I loved the old phone booth at the Menger! This was the main tree at this hotel.
Santas and Chandelier at the Fairmount

Up-cycled Art at the Henry B. Convention Center

After spending the morning with my friends, I went to the Mesquite Bean for some more fabric.
Then I came home, inspired to make another Christmas messenger bag.
Since I decided to keep the gingerbread messenger bag, I made another one for one of my daughter- in-laws.
She has made me some beautiful bags.
I used remnants and some black and white polka dot fabric I had.

20161208_021003428_ios 20161208_021042355_ios

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