Present Project

It’s been two years since I started quilting.
So far, I have made 18 quilts.
Currently, I am working on #19.

Out of the eighteen quilts, 12 were my original design, 2 were kits ( plus the kit I am working on now ), and 4 were patterns I found online.
I really prefer to design my own quilts, and I plan to continue to learn about different quilt blocks and new techniques in order to improve my designs.
Maybe, ONE DAY, I will also learn how to quilt my own quilts…hopeful
In the meantime, I will concentrate on designing and piecing.

Recently, I discovered Pat Sloan online. She is a quilter, author, and designer.
I learned about Pat Sloan through a blog that I follow, Texas Quilting.
Thought I would share information about these quilters, since they have been very helpful in my efforts to learn and improve.

Recently, I found a kit that was just bright, cheery, and ready to make.
I purchased the  Morning Sun kit at the Mesquite Bean.
The quilt in this kit was designed for Northcott, using fabric created by Deborah Edwards.
The pattern was printed by Sew Little Time.
The fabric is beautiful and the directions are easy to follow.
This is all I have completed so far.
My back is still very “iffy” from when I twisted it last week, so I am moving rather slowly on this.


The last three rows are ready to attach as soon as I complete the sashing.
My goal for tomorrow will be to complete the sashing, and possibly add the first border.

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