“When we give cheerfully and accept gratefully, everyone is blessed.”
― Maya Angelou

In previous posts, I have written about the quality of people I have met in fabric stores.
My experience has been very positive.
The people in the shops I have visited have always been willing to give cheerfully.
They shared their expertise and demonstrated a genuine interest in helping me be successful in whatever project I shared with them.

Today was just another example.
Michelle, at Mesquite Bean, greeted me with a smile.
She had heard I was coming, since I had called ahead.
She knew my frustration with the process of applique.
Everyone had said that it is easy to learn how to applique.
I have studied many tutorials, and made many attempts.
But I had gotten no where.

Without hesitation, Michelle helped me set up my machine.
A good teacher lets the learner learn by doing.
She had me explain every part of my machine…something I did not really know.
I had never really taken the time to learn each part of the machine.
Michelle explained the tension, the length and width of stitches, and the different types of stitches.
We then figured out which setting would be best for satin stitching.
After different attempts, we found what would work best for my applique project.
I returned home and completed the first set of circles.

20161117_212043107_ios   20161117_231140050_ios

Michelle also gave me tips on how to use the Lite Steam-A-Seam 2 more effectively.
When working on the orange circles, I had found it difficult to spread the fusible smoothly across the length of the fabric.
Well, I followed Michelle’s tips on the blue circles.
It came out smoother, but I did it on the wrong side!

So, I will have to purchase some more tomorrow so I can complete the blue circles.

Thank you, Michelle.
I accept your help cheerfully.
I am blessed to meet so many wonderful people.

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