Taking a Break

It is difficult to feel fall with 80 degree weather.
The mornings are okay.
That’s why my walking buddies and I choose to schedule our walks in the morning.
Today was great.

We hiked the Crownridge Canyon Park Trails.
It is rocky and uphill in many areas; and absolutely beautiful.
The Common Mestra were everywhere.
A park ranger told us that the Evergreen Sumac were in high blume last week and the butterflies were having a field day.
The blossoms are now buds, but it is still a pretty native plant.
It was just nice to meet with friends.
Hiking is so relaxing.
We spent time trying to assure each other that things are going to be okay.

I took some photos with my phone.
Those white specs are the Common Mestra.
20161116_155454000_ios 20161116_161235435_ios 20161116_164027758_ios

When I returned home, I prepared for starting another quilt.
I hesitated when I purchased this kit, because I have never been successful with applique.
Well, I think I regret my choice of quilts.
I did some practice appliques and I am just not satisfied.
Cindy and Joy at the Mesquite Bean told me to come in tomorrow and they will walk me through.
Hopefully, I will be a quick learner.
If not, I think I will shelve this kit.
For now, I am taking a break.
Maybe stepping away and restarting tomorrow will help.

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