Next Project: Another Quilt

For some time now, I have trying to think of a quilt design for my oldest grandson.
After talking with my son, I started thinking of ways to make a Dragon Ball Z themed quilt, that didn’t look childish.
My grandson use to love to play this when he was younger.
My son gave me an idea of using the orange, yellow, and blue colors to make it an abstract version.
I did find some DBZ fabric on Spoonflower , but they would have been a bit too young.
Also, it would take 8-10 business days to get here, and I wanted to start sooner.

My friend and I found our way to the Mesquite Bean in search of a jellyroll in oranges, yellows, and blues.
We didn’t find jellyrolls, but we were finding great fabric designs that I could cut.
The problem with this was I needed to find at least 13 different fabrics to buy a quarter of a yard of each.
In the middle of piles of bolts of fabric, I looked up and voila…problem solved!
There was a beautiful quilt, in the right colors and designs, hanging on the wall.
Joy, who works at the Mesquite Bean, had made this quilt and there was a kit already to go!
The only problem with this quilt is that it requires some applique.
Joy promised it would be eezy peezy and that she would help me.
One more plus…I got a discount on the price!
I hope to get started tonight.

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