Quilting Friends

After going to the gym with my husband, I made my way to my all time favorite quilt shop, Las Colchas.
Cindy and Vicky are two of the best people around.
I consider them to be experts and I value their advice.
They always remind me that they are still learning.
They love to share what they already know.

Cindy helped me with my very first quilt.
Vicky has helped me with two other quilts I have made.

Right now, I am in the middle of finishing turkey mug rugs.
But as soon as I finish, I plan to begin the solar system quilt.

So, I went to consult with my expert friends, Cindy and Vicky.
Best thing I could have done!

Last week, I purchased some solar system fabric

This solar system panel by Fields Fabrics is for the front.
This earth view shot by Fabric by the Yard is the back panel. I have blue celestial fabric to add to each side of this back panel.

This is basically the design.
I have it more in my head than on paper, so I plan to firm up the plans before my 66 year old brain forgets the details we discussed.
There will be 18 star block quilts on the top side of the quilt.
These beautiful fabrics will be used to make the 6.5″ strips for framing the panels.

The three of us had a blast pulling out fabrics and visualizing the quilt.
They also showed me how to add a piece to a strip by making a diagonal seam.
They also demonstrated how to make a 2 triangle square in a more efficient manner.

I hope to be finished with the turkey rug mugs tomorrow.
Then, I will spend time cleaning and preparing my room before I start on the quilt.

Vicky and Cindy said they would be a phone call away if I need them.
I can’t miss with friends like these.

5 thoughts on “Quilting Friends

    1. I was so happy with the fabric panels I ordered from Amazon. I added the link to the blog post.
      I love it when children get excited about a topic.
      It makes learning fun.
      I’m a bit nervous about starting this quilt, so I am giving myself time to do some real planning.

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