Busy Week

Whew! It’s finally Friday.
This past week was spent planning to teach a grade level.
My friend and I wanted to volunteer to help out a former principal.

We planned all week, and today we gave second grade teachers two hours of time to plan with the principal, while we taught the 94 second graders.
My friend Marti, is a master naturalist, so we planned the two hours to be focused on a fall nature hike theme. She took half the group out for a nature walk, while I took students on a virtual natural hike.
I had made a video of a hike my husband and I had taken last week.
Then I did a writing lesson with the group.
We switched groups at the hour.
It was great being back with children.

In between time, I have been piecing the bird blocks that I found on Pinterest.
I really like the bird pattern by Teje Karjalainen.
 made one last week, and I plan on framing this one as a gift after I embroider one of mom’s favorite sayings.

I started on this block today. I need to add a border and then add another border out of musical fabric note fabric. I have about 3 different types of musical note fabrics.
I am using only remnants to piece these blocks.
Right now, I am thinking I might make a quilt out of these bird frames.

20161014_222009626_ios  20161015_010304550_ios


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