Costume Fun

It has been years since I made a costume.
When my sons were younger, I made Robin Hood, King, and gnome costumes for my three sons to wear on Halloween. The two older boys were 5 years old, and the gnome was 1 year old.
I also made Christmas pageant costumes, and costumes for a play my husband wrote for Cinco de Mayo.
A while back, Phyllis, one of the sweetest persons on earth, said she wanted to have a costume like the Operation Game man.
I thought it would be fun to give it a try.

Do you remember playing this game?
My brother was 10 years younger than me.
He had this game, and I used to play it with him.
I was very easily entertained by the dumbest things.
The blinking nose was one of those things that made me laugh.

I had never heard of wearing this as a costume, so I did a bit of online research and found so many ideas.
After purchasing sweat shirt and sweat pants I started planning the costume.
I drew the different body parts that are part of the game.
I had remnants of red double-sided quilt fabric, so I decided to use this for the background.
The body parts were made from white felt.
20161008_202407406_ios 20161008_203131898_ios

20161008_205129188_ios 20161009_005723219_ios

Now, I need to purchase a permanent fabric marker to label the parts.
This was challenging, and way too much fun.

Phyllis said she has a blinking nose.
I can’t wait to see her in this costume.
I hope it is a cool day.

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