Quilt Shops Near Me

After spending a lovely lunch and recess period with my granddaughter, I went in search of a quilt shop that I heard was in Buda, Texas. It just so happens it is very close to my son’s home, so I know I will be visiting again, soon.
The B& B Quilting Shop on 410 East Loop Street, carries many great fabric product lines.
I particularly like the Timeless Treasure products; especially True Blue, Ambrosia, and Botanical Field.
I forced myself to walk out with only purchasing an apron pattern, and a book with fat quarter tote patterns.
So far, I have visited nine quilt shops in and between San Antonio and Austin.
In San Antonio, my favorite shop is Las Colchas.
I haven’t been there for a while, but a friend of mine went the other day and she was told to tell me to get myself over there again!
Other shops I have visited are:
The Stitch Lab
Honey Bee
Quilters Folly

Cedar Park
Over the Top

Poppy Quilt and Sew

New Braunfels
Oak Leaf Quilt
Quilt Haus

The commonality in all of these shops, besides the gorgeous fabric, is the helpful, happy people who work/own these shops.
Everyone is always willing to help.
I have learned something new each time I have entered any of these shops.

Autumn Leaves

The first time I attempted to make a leaf mug rug was a bit disappointing.
When I turned the fabric right side out, it looked nothing like a leaf.
So, then I tried sewing back sides together and just zig-zagging the edges.
The shape was right, but the edges looked awful.
You can see the batting sticking out of the edges.
This morning, I tried once more to sew right sides together.
The results are a bit better.
I used fusible batting on both sides in order to provide more insulation.
I used a chop stick to form the points before pressing.


If We Feel it, Fall Will Come!

According to the Weather Channel, it is 88 degrees,but feels like 90 degrees…
…at 7:26 PM.
I am determined to bring fall on, so I snacked on some pumpkin empanadas.
Then, I pulled out the fall fabric scraps that I had left over from the pumpkin place mats I recently made.
The end result is a set of four pumpkin mug rugs.

I have been practicing stippling.
I am finding it easier to do, however, I must have something wrong in the settings for stitching.
The stippling comes out great in front, but the back stitches have knots.
Tomorrow is Craft Day with my group of  three crazy friends, so I will consult with them.
I will be passing Jo Ann’s on the way home, so I will consult with the people there if my friends can’t help me figure this out.

In the meantime, I will continue to just stitch in the ditch.
The ditch stitch suits the mug rugs, although stippling would make them look cuter.

Cut 3.5 inch squares and make a 4 patch
Cut the backing to fit the 4 patch


Iron fusible batting to the back of the 4 patch and the backing.
This extra batting will provide more heat resistance and make the mug rug usable as a hot pad.


Cut two fabric pieces for the stem and place right sides together with batting on the bottom.
Sew three sides.
I had a small piece of green fabric and some brown fabric for the stem.

Sew the raw edge of the stem to the top of the 4 patch.

20160910_220946942_ios  20160910_221100551_ios
Cut the corners on all four sides.

Sew 1/4 inch on all four sides.
Leave an opening at the bottom.
Trim all 4 sides to 1/8 inch.

Pull the front through the bottom opening.
Top stitch and quilt as desired.

20160911_001230666_ios 20160911_001316216_ios

Mug Rug

The Quilter’s World magazine that I purchased has so many cute autumn and Halloween ideas and patterns.
My plan was to make a set of 4 Scare-d-Cat Mug Rugs that were designed by Carolyn Vagts for the village Pattern Co., and on page 22 in the November 2015 Quilter’s World magazine.
The stated specifications for the skill level is Confident Beginner.
I started this project with all the confidence, but not the right tools.
My machine does not do a satin stitch, so I had to make adjustments and try different stitches to replicate the satin stitch.
I broke two needles in the process.
So, there will only be one of these Scare-d-Cat Mug Rugs.
20160908_002030959_ios   20160908_002036485_ios
Front                                                       Back


Pumpkin Time

I would rather sit on a pumpkin and have it all to myself,
than be crowded on a velvet cushion.
Henry David Thoreau

Starbucks has declared it to be fall, by now serving their Pumpkin Spice Latte.
Although, I am having mine on ice, I am in a Pumpkin Patch frame of mind.
I’m not sitting on a pumpkin, but I am enjoying a peaceful, autumn feeling.
Maybe if we think “fall”, it will come.

Phyllis, a dear and loving person, “liked” one of my Halloween pins on Pinterest.
I had pinned a Pumpkin Patch Place Mat,  designed and quilted by Chris Malone.
I found the pattern in the Quilter’s World magazine that I purchased from Amazon.
(Quilting for Autumn, November 2015)
It took me three days to make these four place mats.
I was working on many projects at once, and decided to finish the place mats.
Phyllis loves autumn, so I want her to have these for October.
I used some remnants, and purchased some fat quarters.
20160903_231457506_ios 20160906_201829635_ios 20160906_205604173_ios20160906_205641795_ios


20160907_194717650_ios 20160907_194734065_ios

Guest Reader/ Book Bag

Last week, my son asked if I wanted to be a surprise guest reader for my granddaughter’s class.
Do I ever!!!

Guest Reader is something I use to do as a teacher.
I use to love to see the child’s face as a family member surprised their class with a visit.

Immediately, I knew which book I wanted to read.
It had to be, Fletcher and the Falling Leaves, by Julia Rawlinson.

Fletcher is an adorable little fox, who desperately tries to help the trees by trying to save the leaves.
The illustrations by Tiphanie Beeke, highlight the beauty of the seasons.

I bought some fox erasers and leaves.
There was some good size remnants of the school fabric I used in making my granddaughter’s purse, so I made a book bag for her teacher.
20160903_185434702_iOS  20160903_185543986_iOS
I cannot wait to be the guest reader.
Hopefully, the weather will be a little cooler, so we can begin to see and feel the change in seasons.