The Cardinal…a Messenger of Love

20160820_153853000_iosThe beautiful cardinal is a spiritual symbol of a loved one who has died.
It is said, that the cardinal shows up at times you need them the most.
The cardinal in this photo, landed on the fence of my son’s home.
We were both thinking of his grandmother, my mom.
The cardinal sat on this fence for quite some time.
It was a very special moment.

My mother loved all birds.
She had a collection of porcelain and ceramic birds.
Every Christmas, her cardinal collection was on special display.

About a year before Mom passed, she had embroidered a cardinal. She was so excited that I had it frame as a gift from her to my granddaughter.
Mom also made two wreaths with birds that are still hanging in my granddaughter’s room.
My son just sent me a photo of the shelf he made for mom’s bird collection that was passed on to my granddaughter. The shelf is over the frame of the embroidered cardinal.
Today, I made three cardinal quilt blocks.
I plan to give one to a friend of mine, whose husband just passed.
Design Plan
Prepare fabric

20160929_202129665_ios 20160929_185144831_ios
20160929_190535394_ios 20160929_192902394_ios
20160929_194433960_ios 20160930_003317808_ios
I still need to square and quilt the blocks.
Then I need to add a tiny button for the eye and a heart shape button for the wing.
I cannot decide if I want to embroider legs or not.
Then, I will frame the block.


I framed this today.


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