This pretty much sums up how I feel today.
After trying again, and again, and again, I needed to take a deep breath.
And try again.

A few weeks ago, I made the table runner top from a pattern in the Quilter’s World; Quilting for Autumn; November 2015.
The Black Cats & Spiders pattern by Chris Malone was very cute and easy to follow.
I originally got stuck when it came to blanket stitching the cat appliques.
After consulting with a friend, I was able to adjust the tension and the settings and successfully stitch the applique cats.
The pattern calls for using rickrack on the border.
I’ve never used rickrack for a border on something this large, so I was a bit hesitant.
After painstakingly  basting the rickrack, I attempted to sew the borders as directed.
The rickrack puckered, moved, and was unevenly sticking out of the borders.
I ripped out the seams…
removed the rickrack…
and tried again.

This time, I ditched the rickrack and just sewed all around the runner edges.
I also decided against using buttons to make a cat face, as demonstrated in the pattern.
After the cat mug rug disaster from a few weeks ago, I thought the cat looked better without a face.
I also chose not to add the button for the spiders.
Cat Mug Rug Disaster!

20160917_190850153_ios  20160917_190913444_ios

Top                                                                              Bottom

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