Quilt Shops Near Me

After spending a lovely lunch and recess period with my granddaughter, I went in search of a quilt shop that I heard was in Buda, Texas. It just so happens it is very close to my son’s home, so I know I will be visiting again, soon.
The B& B Quilting Shop on 410 East Loop Street, carries many great fabric product lines.
I particularly like the Timeless Treasure products; especially True Blue, Ambrosia, and Botanical Field.
I forced myself to walk out with only purchasing an apron pattern, and a book with fat quarter tote patterns.
So far, I have visited nine quilt shops in and between San Antonio and Austin.
In San Antonio, my favorite shop is Las Colchas.
I haven’t been there for a while, but a friend of mine went the other day and she was told to tell me to get myself over there again!
Other shops I have visited are:
The Stitch Lab
Honey Bee
Quilters Folly

Cedar Park
Over the Top

Poppy Quilt and Sew

New Braunfels
Oak Leaf Quilt
Quilt Haus

The commonality in all of these shops, besides the gorgeous fabric, is the helpful, happy people who work/own these shops.
Everyone is always willing to help.
I have learned something new each time I have entered any of these shops.

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