If We Feel it, Fall Will Come!

According to the Weather Channel, it is 88 degrees,but feels like 90 degrees…
…at 7:26 PM.
I am determined to bring fall on, so I snacked on some pumpkin empanadas.
Then, I pulled out the fall fabric scraps that I had left over from the pumpkin place mats I recently made.
The end result is a set of four pumpkin mug rugs.

I have been practicing stippling.
I am finding it easier to do, however, I must have something wrong in the settings for stitching.
The stippling comes out great in front, but the back stitches have knots.
Tomorrow is Craft Day with my group of  three crazy friends, so I will consult with them.
I will be passing Jo Ann’s on the way home, so I will consult with the people there if my friends can’t help me figure this out.

In the meantime, I will continue to just stitch in the ditch.
The ditch stitch suits the mug rugs, although stippling would make them look cuter.

Cut 3.5 inch squares and make a 4 patch
Cut the backing to fit the 4 patch


Iron fusible batting to the back of the 4 patch and the backing.
This extra batting will provide more heat resistance and make the mug rug usable as a hot pad.


Cut two fabric pieces for the stem and place right sides together with batting on the bottom.
Sew three sides.
I had a small piece of green fabric and some brown fabric for the stem.

Sew the raw edge of the stem to the top of the 4 patch.

20160910_220946942_ios  20160910_221100551_ios
Cut the corners on all four sides.

Sew 1/4 inch on all four sides.
Leave an opening at the bottom.
Trim all 4 sides to 1/8 inch.

Pull the front through the bottom opening.
Top stitch and quilt as desired.

20160911_001230666_ios 20160911_001316216_ios

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