Learning is Fun

For 42 years, my classroom always had a posted sign which read: Learning is Fun.
My students and I would discuss the different emotions we might feel when we are learning something new, or adding to our knowledge on a subject.
We discussed that even though there may be periods of frustration, exasperation, and other negative feelings in our learning process, we always need to remind ourselves that remaining positive will help us to reach the final goal.
We celebrated every time we learned something.

Well, I’m trying to practice what I preached.
I’m in the process of trying out new things.
It has not been fun, lately, because I realized my short comings.
Then I reminded myself that I have only been doing this for two years.
There is so much I want to learn.
I preached patience and positive attitude…now I need to practice!

New goals were set.
New goals call for new practices.

My two new goals…applique and stippling.
My third goal is to improve on binding, especially mitering the corners.
Using applique and stippling is something I have wanted to learn, but I had put it way down on my “things to learn” list.
Recently, I have made two table runner tops, and I realized that I need to learn these two skills right now.

I never really took lessons on using my sewing machine to the full extent,
Step 1
Read directions
Pull out the old sewing manual and get to know the machine
Not my cup of tea, but it was a start.

Step 2
Watch tutorials
There are some great ones on You Tube.
The results on my first applique attempts were less than stellar.
I’m a “see and must do right now” type of learner.
The tutorials give me the opportunity to see, but I get distracted with too much verbal direction.
I am definitely not a good listener.
Also, I have to do it as I attempt to learn it.

Step 3
Seek help from professionals
So I went to Joann’s and talked to my friend Marcia, who sells sewing machines.
She showed me what to do, with no verbal directions;
and then she made me do it on the spot.
She showed me the small tips that I was missing.

It’s still not perfect, but I am now feeling more positive.
So now I am working on the cats on my Halloween table runner.
Wednesday is the day I plan to start practicing some stippling.

Learning is fun.
I just have to be more patient. happyface

I celebrated this small learning step by treating myself to a Starbucks!
I found this pattern in Quilters World Magazine, November 2015, Quilting for Autumn.
The table runner in the magazine used brighter and pastel fabric.
I decided to use my Halloween stash.


Halloween stash cut into 5″ squares (30)

Backing-Pieced with remaining polka-dot fabric and Halloween stash
20160828_005028131_iOS 20160828_015321285_iOS
20160828_021117892_iOS  20160828_022322503_iOS

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